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Please allow me to introduce myself . . .

Hi everyone! I'm new around here and still learning my way around the whole blockchain thing. I do some photography mostly for my own satisfaction and enjoyment. I do like sharing my photos occasionally with like minded people. Most of the pictures I take come from my own backyard, LITERALLY. I garden and it tends to attract all kinds of critters from ants to lizards, rabbits and the occasional ground squirrel. Living in the Southwestern United States also means a lot of cactus photos and some magnificent landscape to capture. So with that said here are a couple of photos taken in my front yard. I hope you enjoy them.


If someone knows what this little guy is I would like to know, pretty sure it isn't any kind of bee, when in flight it acts more like some kind of fly. It has the coolest blue eyes!


Hope you like the photos, enjoy the rest of your day!

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